Cashmere Care Guide


Do not store by hanging on clothes hangers as this will make the garment lose its
shape. It is best to store your garments folded in a drawer or storage box.
Place cedar balls inside drawers with the garments to deter moth infestation.
For optimal protection, store each piece in a sealed garment bag, to protect against
moth infestation.


Pilling – when small woollen bobbles form – is a natural occurrence amongst all wools
when exposed to friction. Pilling can be removed easily by running an electric
debobbler or pilling comb down the areas affected. Pilling will lessen over time and
after a few hand washes.


When it comes to washing your cashmere pieces, we recommend waiting until after
a few times of wearing.


For best results we recommend dry-cleaning as the best method in prolonging the
longevity of the piece.

Washing Machine

Cashmere can also be easily washed in the washing machine – Select a gentle
washing detergent for woollens – Avoid biological detergents – Ensure the water is no
warmer than 30 degrees – Place the garments in inside-out.

Hand Wash

Hand washing your garment is also a suitable method of cleaning cashmere – Turn
garment inside out and submerge (but do not soak) in a bucket or sink containing
water below 30 degrees and gentle woollen washing detergent (5-10 minutes) –
Avoid wringing or stretching the garment – After, rinse the garment in fresh water
without squeezing or twisting it


Lay the garment over a clean towel on a flat surface
Never tumble dry or hang dry cashmere garments.

Ironing & Steaming

Ironing suitable up to 110 degrees
Steaming suitable

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